About Us

About School

Intellect heights academy is a private recognized, unaided, English medium, co-educational, senior secondary school founded in the year 2016.

The school has been established in the memory of late shreemati rukmani devi agrawal , owned and managed by rukmani devi agrawal shekshanik samiti. We believe in the core principle that “Education changes Everything”. We reckon that the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be lifelong leaders, critical thinkers and productive members of an everchanging society.

The school offers a unique program of high academic standards with strong emphasis on overall personality development, enhancing curiosity, learning of life lessons, character-building, aesthetic training and a sense of respect for the rich heritage and tradition of our country. Our aim is to provide students with an excellent holistic environment where they have an opportunity to develop skills and intellect values needed to become firm believers, who seek excellence in all their endeavors.

Mission & Vision

The mission of “Intellect Heights Academy” is to implement a modern, scientific, practical and activity based education procedure so as to develop the complete personality of the student. Value based quality education will aid the students to achieve high academic and ethical goals in life.


Our Motto 'Lessons for Life...' reinforces our commitment to provide a strong foundation which will teach the student to emerge as a well-rounded adult and value his / her own mind, spirit and heart as well as navigate smoothly through the various obstacles he / she ever faces in the future.

Why Choose Us
Curiosity not memory

Necessity is the mother of inventions. We believe that spoon–feeding kills the craving of a child for learning. Curiosity if evoked, inspires for the quest for truth; this even catalyses the pace & affinity for learning.

Activity Based learning

Contemporary classroom teaching gives way to out of the box education. Children are imparted knowledge through interesting activities, experiments and targeted assignments / challenges.

Research based education

The research wing studies the learning method of the child and designs teaching processes. All the activities introduced in our institution are deeply thought out. The child and his learning process are continuously observed and very adaptive teaching activities are hence designed.


A plant that gets appropriate sunlight, sufficient water, fresh air, manure and care grows up into a green and a healthy tree. It does this on its own.This holds true for a child too. All the qualities are inherent in him. An appropriate atmosphere facilitates him to nurture these virtues.