Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities

Games & Sports

IHA provides a well spread out sports ground in the school premises, which provides facilities for all major indoor and outdoor games. Well-trained and experienced physical training instructor have been appointed for these activities. For the present, facilities in the following discipline have been provided – cricket, football, volleyball, basket ball, badminton, kabbadi, kho-kho, lawn tennis, table tennis, chess, athlete etc.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts help students develop confidence, mental & physical strength and teaches them self Defence. IHA has a well trained & specialized coach to train the students in the field of Martial Mrts.

Yoga & Meditation

With yoga and meditation IHA aim to rise the emotional and spiritual quotient of our students which are crucial components in preparing students NOT simply for work but for life ahead. The school’s objective is to catch the students at an early age for the holistic synchronization of body, mind and soul helping them to be what they potentially are.

Creative Studio

We believe art and craft are the best way of emerging creativity and originality. In IHA a studio is well facilitated with all resources to encourage students.

Performing Art

Music & Dance

The school has excellent facilities and faculty for developing dance and music skills. Students enjoy participating in classical, folk, western and other types of performing arts. The school believes in providing rich cultural values to all its students and to turn that into reality, the school hosts a number of activities throughout the year to provide students a platform to perform.

Excursion & Educational Trips

There is a lot to learn from the world around us. The excursions are designed so that the children know about the society, the culture and the traditions. They get maximum exposure in the most interesting manner.

Scouts and Guides

Scouting and guiding intends to inculcate in the young boys and girls a spirit of loyality,patriotism and thoughtfullness for others. Iha made compulsory for students to participate in these activities.


Skating helps a child to keep fit and healthy. skating uses nearly every muscle group, strengthens the core, increases cardio vascular health and burns hundred of calories per hour. skating is one of the best physical activities to get the students to do exercise and have fun at the same requires a lot of focus and decision-making concerning speed and agility which enables students to improve their cognitive skills, concentration and productivity.

We have well trained and qualified coaches. today, kids need help and encouragement to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. so, getting trained at skating is a great way to exercise as students also like to socialize and hangout on skates with their friends which makes skating more of a recreational activity for students.

Adventure Park

Life, is full of challenges and qualities like courage and risk taking capacity. Alertness prepares a person to face these challenges and emerge as a victor. Adventure park at IHA will inculcate the “spirit to fight” in the students.